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Participation on RoboCup related events 


Robocup2006 (Bremen- Germany)


 By the 4th consecutive year the team take the 5th place in MSL (best Portuguese team) and a 3rd place in Technical Challenge II. 


Robotica2006 (Guimarães - Portugal)


Playing at home with 30000 people in 3 days event, the expectations were high. Minho get the 1st place by the 3rd consecutive year, winning all games.


Dutch Open (Eindhoven-Holland)


With a renew team ( new members). Against all expectations the team stays in 2nd place by the 2nd consecutive year. In 11 ( in 3 days, a marathon) games the team won 8, being the team with more goals scored. One more time we were defeated in the final, against the same team last year.


Robocup 2005 (Osaka-Japan)


With new redesigned robots the University of Minho participated in RoboCup'2005, on the MSL in Japan.The team take the 5th place in MSL, 1st place in Technical Challenge II and a 2nd  place in Technical Challenge I. It was the best participation ever of MINHO on MSL.


Robotica2005 (Coimbra - Portugal)


One more National Robotic event placed in Coimbra, and one more 1st place in MSL, only with victories.


German Open 2005


After being undefeated in the 2nd group, scoring 24 goals and none suffered, the team reaches the semi-final. It was only defeated by the team that won the last competition. It was the best participation ever with the 2nd place.

Robocup 2004 (Lisboa - Portugal)


One more participation and one more time the team conquest the 5th place (best Portuguese team). The MSL was organized by the Minho Team leader.


Robotica2004 (Porto - Portugal)


This was the 4º robotic national meeting, where one disputes some types of competitions (Dance, Futebol robotic Junior, Autonomous conduction, Small Size, Midlle Size, etc..). In the MSL had participated 5 team (5dpo, IsePorto, IsocRob, Cambada and ours team). In the qualifications we obtained the 1º place with all the games won. In the midle finals we won 2-1 to the 5dpo team and the final we won 7-1 to the IsocRob Team. By this way we are the new MSL Portuguese Champions.

German Open 2004


Minho Team participated in this competition for the second time. On the qualification group obtained the second place with the same points of the first place. Unhappyly, in the midle finals was defeated with a tangencial 2-1 against the competition winner (Tribots). But, in the game for the 3rd and 4rd place we won the FU-Fighters by 3-1. In this way we get a deserved 3rd place.

Robocup 2003 (Padua - Italy)


With new redesigned robots the University of Minho participated in RoboCup'2003, on the MSL, and even though it started the round robin in a very difficult group, they managed to continue on the competition, passed the second round robin and got to the quarter finals. This was the best participation ever with a 5th place.


Robótica 2003 (Lisboa - Portugal)


The University of Minho participated on ROBOTICA'2003 with two teams, one on UIP class with the robot "DeiUMa", and other on the MSL Robotic football with MINHO team. In this new robots version it is possible to see great improvements on the robots performance which which foresees successfully players.


German Open 2003


This was the first participation on robotic football after the remodelling of robots (and human beings) of the team. In this new version of robos these are more reliable and improved performance, playing better than the previous generation of robots.


Robocup 2002


Due to the lack of funding, onle the team leader participated in this event. Its presence served for support to the candidacy of Portugal to organize the RoboCup'2004, having been the reply positive. He still participated in the event as a referee, as member of the technical committe, and still in the simposium.


Feira da Ciência e Tecnologia - Porto



MINHO team participated in the 2nd national championship of robotic soccer, held on the Fair of "Ciencia and Tecnologia", in the Exponor, Porto city. Once again they won all the games carried out.


Robocup 2001 (Seatle - USA)




This group participated again in the Worldwide competition RoboCup'2001 held in the Seattle conference centre, which included a workshop on mobile robotics. A team of 5 people participated and played no the first round robin.


3ª Jornada do Campeonato Nacional de Futebol Robótico


  This was the third Portuguese championship held in Portugal and organized this time by the Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon. This time four Portuguese teams were present.


Robotica 2001



Minho University organised this first Robotics National event called ROBOTICA'2001. It consists of a competition of mobile autonomous robots with two classes: UIP for Universities and Institutes and a second competition called ESP for secondary and technical schools. Although it has nothing to do with football, it included demos of robotic football. Also part of the event was a conference on robotics developed in Portugal and several robotics demos.


2ª Jornada do Campeonato Nacional de Futebol Robótico





This was the second Portuguese championship held in Portugal and organized by the Faculdade de Engenharia of University of Porto. The three Portuguese teams were again present. Again, the teams could practice, test and improve the robots. MINHO team won all the games in the competition.


1º Campeonato Nacional de Futebol Robótico




The Industrial Electronics department of University of Minho, organized the first Portuguese robotic football championship ever, and the three Portuguese teams were present. This competition had as main objective to allow the Portuguese teams to practice and to improve their robots and to show the public a game of robotic football. Tremenduous amount of public was present to watch the games.


European Robocup 2000




The participation on EuRoboCup was very fruitful, the robots were reliable, and this team won 3 out of 5 games. The team passed the first round robin and reached the quarter finals. This participation was motivating to do more research and development. Several improvements were added to these robots.

Robocup 99





This was the first participation on RoboCup although other football games had previously been played in other competition. Due to the lack of experience, many problem occured to this team related with the mechanics of the robots. It is important to point out that the robots were all built from scratch by the team members.

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