Contributions of MINHO TEAM to the RoboCup MSL Community

The Team Leader Fernando Ribeiro participates actively on RoboCup since 1999
He has contributed to MSL RoboCup community as:

2007 RoboCup Symposium Chair

RoboCup 2004 Middle Size League Chair

RoboCup 2010 Middle Size League Chair

Member of the Executive Committee 2004-2010

Member of the Technical Committee 2003-2010

Member of the RoboCup Organising committee in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008

Participation in executive committee meetings

Chair of the Middle Size League Portuguese Committee
Chair of the junior dance League Portuguese Committee until 2010

Organizing chair of Portuguese National competition ROBOTICA 2001
Organizing chair of Portuguese National competition ROBOTICA 2006

Organizing chair of RoboParty 2007
Organizing chair of RoboParty 2008
Organizing chair of RoboParty 2009
Organizing chair of RoboParty 2010
Organizing chair of RoboParty 2011

Member of the Technical and Scientific Committee of the Portuguese Robotics Open since 2001.

RoboCup'2011 RoboCup@Home league Organizing committee member

participated on RoboCup'2010 RoboCup@Home league